fiduciary committees can elevate companies

Rewarding Retirement

How Fiduciary Committees Can Elevate Workers, Companies, And Communities

By: Brian D. Allen


Millions of Americans are counting on 401(k) and related defined-contribution plans to fulfill their retirement dreams―that is, if their plan is a good one. Though some plans perform superbly, many others suffer from questionable investments and poor management that leave them vulnerable to litigation and federal sanctions. How can you tell the difference?

In Rewarding Retirement, Brian D. Allen gets rid of the guesswork for the fiduciaries who operate those plans. Fascinating and informative with a wealth of insights, it is an insider’s guide that finally equips fiduciaries with the tools that they need to feel confident and proud of a job well done.


Brian D. Allen

Founder and Chairman of Pension Consultants, Inc.

Brian D. Allen CFP® has been an advocate for professionalism and a quiet pioneer in the qualified retirement plan industry for more than 25 years. Allen is Founder and Chairman of Pension Consultants,…

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