3d book cover of responsible dental ownership

Responsible Dental Ownership

Balancing Ethics and Business Through Purpose

By: Alex Zlatin


Pub Date: March 30, 2018



Managing a dental practice can be challenging. With so many variables and moving parts, it’s easy to lose sight of the business end of dental offices and miss opportunities for growth and improvement. But for a business so deeply rooted in patient care, smooth and reliable office management is essential. In Responsible Dental Ownership, Alex Zlatin explores the best business practices for dental owners, starting with determining your purpose and your practice’s defining ethical intentions.

In this book, you’ll learn everything it takes to become a responsible dental owner. From the importance of human resources to the main drivers of dental practices, Zlatin covers everything you wish you had learned in dental school. Backed by eleven years of management experience and five years of working alongside dentists, Zlatin understands that many new and experienced dentists are unaware of how to properly run their businesses. Responsible Dental Ownership is perfect for new dental owners or anyone in need of a business management refresher. Don’t let your practice fall behind because of irresponsible business management.


Alex Zlatin

CEO, Maxim Software Systems (Maxident)

On top of his B.Sc. and MBA credentials, Alex Zlatin brings over 10 years of Management experience to his role as CEO of Maxim Software Systems. His strong belief in…

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