Power of 5 Investing

5 Powerful Principles For Retirement Investing

By: Erik J. Christman


Pub Date: July 9, 2015



Retirement is coming. Will you be ready? Investing for retirement is hard enough. Investing during retirement is much more complex. Power of 5 Investing® will give you the clear, effective guidance you need to ready your portfolio for retirement. Power of 5 Investing® will introduce you to five powerful principles:

• Follow the five steps of investing
• Live on five percent
• Set aside five years for stability
• Stick to the five percent limit
• Heed the five words of wisdom

Today’s retirees know that successful retirement investing requires a plan. More importantly, it requires the discipline to stay on track no matter the market climate. By following the five timeless principles outlined in Power of 5 Investing®, you can tap into the power of the markets to ignite your retirement portfolio. Start confidently charting your own course toward retirement success today!

Erik J. Christman

Managing Partner, Oxford Financial Partners

Erik is managing partner of Oxford Financial Partners, the premier fee-based wealth management firm. He is the creator of Power of 5 Investing®, a unique system for helping clients achieve retirement success.…

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