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Piece by Piece

A Commonsense Approach to a Secure Retirement

By: Debbie Craig


Pub Date: June 28, 2016



Transitioning from employment to retirement is an exciting time, but it may produce financial anxieties. Earned wages cease, and new retirees can be nervous about their lifetime of savings meeting future expenses. In Piece by Piece™, Debbie Craig unveils her process for retirement planning in language anyone can understand. The Piece by Piece™ model divides your nest egg into three parts, each with a distinct goal:

1. Income Today: a portion for your monthly income
2. Income Tomorrow: a portion for growing your income
3. Flexibility Dollars: a portion for unplanned expenses

By knowing there is a plan and understanding the commonsense approach upholding
it, you can enjoy your retirement passions and live the life you’ve dreamed. Welcome to the Piece by Piece™ family.


Debbie Craig

Branch Manager

Debbie Craig is the president of Craig Wealth Advisors, LLC, in Michigan. She obtained her BA in economics from Kalamazoo College and MBA from Northwestern University (JL Kellogg School of…

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