On The Move

A Marine's Guide to Entrepreneurial Success

By: Nick Baucom


Pub Date: February 6, 2015



Marines are trained to operate in the fog of war. They never know what’s around the next corner, so they must act decisively using the information at hand. The same rules apply in any business. Author Nick Baucom, a former United States Marine Sergeant, has successfully adapted his infantry training to lead Two Marines Moving, one of the few companies in its industry to earn a place on Inc. Magazine’s list of fastest growing private businesses in America. From leading Marine patrols in hostile territory, to learning from his own mistakes when he returned home, Nick shows you how to take care of your team while you lead, persist, and persevere through any business challenge that gets in your way. Anyone can own a business. Arm yourself with On the Move and you’ll own a successful business.

Nick Baucom

Founder, Two Marines Moving

Nick Baucom is a former Marine Sergeant who served in Iraq as an infantryman during Operation Iraqi Freedom. When he returned home from active duty, Nick’s first business failed. But…

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