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Main Street Smarts

Success at the Intersection of Main Street and Wall Street

By: David Morgan


Pub Date: September 8, 2016



So you’ve passed all the exams and obtained your degree. You’re ready to take on the world of business and dominate the competition! But despite your book smarts, you lack the business street smarts needed to take your business to the next level―this book will help.

In Main Street Smarts, successful entrepreneur and business leader David Morgan provides you with the fundamental building blocks you need to pursue your business goals. With an emphasis on real-world, street-smart tactics, he’ll show how it takes more than business school knowledge to lead a developing company to success. You’ll learn to:

  • create an executable plan for your business
  • network and acquire new clients
  • take advantage of fresh opportunities
  • sell a product and an idea
  • manage and lead a growing company

To become a profitable entrepreneur, it takes more than academic know-how―it takes real-life wisdom and a lot of guts.

David Morgan

COO, STS International

David Morgan is cofounder and chief operating officer of STS International. Under his leadership, STS has achieved significant growth and provided technological advancements to support mission-critical military operations. Morgan also…

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