M-Pact Learning: The New Competitive Advantage

M-Pact Learning: The New Competitive Advantage

What All Executives Need To Know

By: Dr. Jim Guilkey


Pub Date: July 30, 2019



Create a true competitive advantage with new kind of learning.

Today’s companies don’t view training―or learning―in the same light they do sales and marketing. When the learning needs of your company are designed, developed and deployed using innovative, highly effective instructional design methodologies, the results can be as meaningful as those derived from sales and marketing activities. In other words, effective learning is the new competitive advantage. In Jim Guilkey’s, M-Pact Learning: The New Competitive Advantage, readers will:

• understand what traditional training is and why it is ineffective,
• learn about M-Pact Learning and how it differs from traditional training, and
• learn how M-Pact Learning can be used within your organization to create a true competitive advantage.

The M-Pact Learning methodology allows the creation of innovative, highly effective learning solutions that will provide readers with a new edge for their organizations.


Dr. Jim Guilkey

Owner of S4 NetQuest

Dr. Jim Guilkey is an innovative learning expert, owner of S4 NetQuest, published author, and highly sought-after speaker. He is an acknowledged and acclaimed expert on learning strategy. He served…

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