Lifecircle leadership townsend

Lifecircle Leadership

How Exceptional People Make Every Day Extraordinary

By: Dr. Kimberly Townsend


Pub Date: November 16, 2018



Look around. Every day, whether you’re on a morning commute to work or even driving through towns on vacation, you may pass neighborhoods that are largely abandoned or underutilized. Perhaps they were great places at one point―but as the economy continues to change and evolve, there becomes a great need for leaders to address these problems, to invoke real-world solutions.

That’s where Dr. Kimberly Townsend hopes to provide answers―to share both her professional and personal experiences to clear a path toward making the world a better place. In Lifecircle Leadership: How Exceptional People Make Every Day Extraordinary, Dr. Townsend shares valuable insight into creating a better environment for all. You’ll learn about:

● how to create a positive and uplifting environment in the workplace
● what makes a good leader and how to empower others
● the importance of reaching out to the community to truly make a difference

There is too much negativity in the world today. But does that have to always be the case? Change happens one step at a time and you have to be willing to take that first step. Once you do, the rewards will more than justify your efforts.


Dr. Kimberly Townsend

President and Chief Executive Officer, Loretto

Formerly a stay-at-home mom for thirteen years, Kimberly Townsend went back to school in her thirties and received her BS and MBA from Whitman School of Management, her JD from…

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