lead with balance 3d book cover

Lead With Balance

How To Master Work-Life Balance in an Imbalanced Culture

By: Donnie Hutchinson


Pub Date: July 7, 2016



Has your “regular” workday started to last over nine hours? Have you been missing important family events to satisfy the boss? Are you regularly skipping healthy meals and trips to the gym just to squeeze more into your day? If so, you’re not the only one. Countless individuals struggle with maintaining steady personal and work lives. In Lead with Balance, university professor, speaker, and executive consultant Donnie Hutchinson addresses this issue head-on and explains how leaders, employees, and students can properly manage all the important facets of life. A balanced life leads to increased well-being, happiness, satisfaction, and productivity―a win-win for everyone. Through proper time management and focus, anyone can find their life’s balance. Don’t lose sight of the most significant moments in life. We can all learn from the Millennials. It’s time to take action and enjoy living!

Donnie Hutchinson

Business Consultant

Donnie Hutchinson is a university professor, business consultant, executive coach, and key note speaker who works with clients on organizational culture and work-life balance strategies. As a professor teaching at…

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