Lead Like A Human

Practical Steps To Building Highly Engaged Teams

By: Adam Weber


Pub Date: September 1, 2020



Do you ever feel like you aren’t living your fullest at work? Or that you have to pretend to be someone else just to be successful? Adam Weber has made it his life’s mission to help people become their best selves and discover how their careers can become the answer to their purpose. As a thought leader on people solutions, he shows leaders how to get the best out of their staff and he’s seen how, when employees bring their full selves to work, they unleash their true potential and do great things―both for themselves and for the organizations that employ them. How? Through a new approach to leadership that requires businesspeople to be authentic, to be vulnerable, to be themselves―to be human. In Lead Like a Human, Adam shares his unique perspective on leadership as well as practical tips on building and leading engaged teams of empowered employees. From creating an enduring culture to using data to pinpoint your organization’s toughest problems, you’ll learn how to engage your people in a way that drives innovation and real business growth. When you lead like a human, you unlock the potential in yourself and in your people, allowing everyone to do impactful work that is challenging, captivating, and, ultimately, inspiring.

Adam Weber

Chief People Officer, Emplify

As the chief people officer and cofounder of Emplify, Adam Weber helps lead an innovative, highly engaged culture and shares his learnings with strategic people leaders all over the world…

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