Kissing Frogs

Helping Youths Overcome Impasses and Challenges Through Customized Storytelling

By: Jared U. Balmer


Pub Date: January 28, 2016



Throughout the history of the world, different cultures have used stories to teach valuable life lessons. We still use many of these parables today to teach valuable lessons to our children. In Kissing Frogs, Dr. Jared Balmer shows parents how to weave fascinating, personalized fairy tales that will not only entertain children but help them to conquer fears and overcome everyday challenges.

With proven results from his years of experience in children’s therapy, Dr. Balmer explains how parables allow children to discover lessons for themselves. This provides the child with a far more memorable and positive experience. With plenty of examples along the way, Kissing Frogs will teach you to:

• Use metaphors to create interesting stories your children can learn from
• Reframe a child’s negative experience into a positive one
• Identify different story types to decide the best course of action

By giving your children the tools of discovery, you’ll find that everyone can live happily ever after.


Jared U. Balmer

Executive Director, WayPoint Academy

Jared Balmer is a licensed psychotherapist who specializes in work with adolescents and their families. He attended Brigham Young University and completed a M.Ed. in educational psychology and a Ph.D. in…

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