It’s Not That Complicated

How To Create A Personalized Template of Alignment

By: Jan L. Bowen


Pub Date: October 30, 2015



Find Your Unique Path to an Aligned Life

Every facet of your being―physical, mental, and spiritual―has the capacity to bring joy and fulfillment to your everyday life. By bringing your talents, skills, values, purpose, energy and style in sync with the external world, you position yourself to thrive. It’s Not That Complicated walks you through the easy process of relinquishing the aspects of your life that hold you back, while uncovering ways to move toward a more fulfilling one. Jan Bowen will help you develop a personal template of daily practices and a structure of healthy habits. She offers up a tool kit of special resources to not only realize your strengths, passions and purpose, but to sustain healthy alignment as your life changes.

Jan L. Bowen

Founder and Principal, Strategic Solutions Services, LLC

Jan L. Bowen is an author, keynote speaker and thought leader committed to helping leaders find their vision and purpose through balance. Jan’s career began in education and psychology, followed by…

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