Inform, Transform & Outperform

Digital Content Strategies To Optimize Your Business For Growth

By: John Horodyski

Imprint: Advantage

Pub Date: May 20, 2016



To survive and thrive in today’s digital world, businesses must undergo a fundamental shift across all aspects of their operations―sometimes called a “digital transformation”. In Inform, Transform, and Outperform, John Horodyski and his team of contributors provide compelling, collective insight into building a tactical foundation to achieve a holistic digital strategy.

You’ll discover how to:
  • Develop strong metadata and taxonomy for robust search capabilities
  • Optimize your digital content workflows
  • Select the right amount of digital security
  • Minimize the pain of integrating legacy systems
  • Strengthen your stakeholder management systems
As experts in digital strategy and operations, John and his team show how you can navigate the rapid technological changes to better leverage and monetize your organization’s intellectual property.

John Horodyski

Partner at Optimity Advisors, Information Management

John Horodyski is a partner with Optimity Advisors. His executive management strategy experience encompasses information management, digital asset management (DAM), metadata and taxonomy design, information governance, content management and social…

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