3d book cover of improve your smile

Improve Your Smile Transform Your Life

A Guide To Orthodontics For Adults

By: Leslie Pitner


Pub Date: January 30, 2017



Within everyone is a superpower that changes lives―that creates happiness, confidence, and even intelligence. That superpower? A smile. Smiling is crucial to psychological health, so it’s vital that you feel good about your own teeth. In Improve Your Smile, Transform Your Life, Dr. Leslie Pitner explains the science behind our smiles and how orthodontic treatments can enhance anyone’s appearance. After helping countless patients, Dr. Pitner understands the impact a new smile can have on relationships, careers, and self-esteem.

Inside, you’ll learn about
•the psychology behind a smile
•how jaws grow and why teeth are crooked
•common orthodontic myths
•available treatment options, including Invisalign® & invisible braces
•new advances in orthodontic technology

Whether you’re exploring options for your children or finally fixing your teeth as an adult, orthodontics can truly transform your life!


Leslie Pitner

Founder, Pitner Orthodontics

Dr. Leslie Pitner is the owner and lead orthodontist of Pitner Orthodontics. She graduated from Williams College with a degree in art and earned a master’s degree in art history from…

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