Hope Blooms

Organ Donation, the Rose Parade®, and Our Journey to Save Lives

By: Bryan Stewart


Pub Date: April 7, 2018



For Bryan Stewart, it began with his exposure to a compelling vision that supported an urgent, life-saving mission: to help many more people benefit from the gift of organ, eye, and tissue donation. HOPE BLOOMS: Organ Donation, the Rose Parade, and Our Journey to Save Lives―Stewart’s 12-year account of the genesis, evolution, and institution of Donate Life’s float participation in America’s New Year Celebration®―introduces readers to the people, events, and moments of joy, heartbreak, and grace that helped position the cause as life-affirming and contribute to dramatic increases in the public’s willingness to donate.

Through insightful and emotional anecdotes illuminating the challenges and rewards of building a national public health campaign around one of the world’s premier live events, Stewart imparts the value of inspiration, authenticity, ingenuity, and perseverance as guideposts for leading people, organizations, and causes.


Bryan Stewart

President, Donate Life California

Bryan Stewart’s inspiring and innovative work as a leader, executive, and community organizer has touched millions. His enduring initiatives on behalf of Donate Life America, Donate Life California, and various…

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