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Honouring Our Kids

How To Encourage Growing Hearts & Minds

By: Nola Peacock


Pub Date: January 25, 2017



As a parent, you want to have all the answers―to make everything okay for your child all the time. But the truth is, one-on-one time with your child is fractional. In today’s busy existence filled with academics, school, sports, clubs, and camps, how can you have all the answers to all the problems?

. . . You can’t.

There are those short-lived conflicts that come and pass, but there are several ongoing issues that may inhibit your child’s progress in academic or social environments. While you might not be able change the source or environment of an upset, you can seek the expertise you need to inspire confidence in your child. Whether you desire to build a stronger family connection, reduce conflict, or make everyday life more enjoyable, in Honouring Our Kids, Nola Peacock delivers a holistic approach to address your child’s challenges― inspiring you to take care of yourself and feel more confident in your parenting role.


Nola Peacock

Founder, Confident Happy Kids

Family relationship expert Nola Peacock guides, supports, and empowers parents to ease the challenges of parenting. At Confident Happy Kids, Nola serves as a kids confidence coach, working with families…

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