Hire Yourself

Control Your Own Destiny Through Franchise Ownership

By: Pete Gilfillan


Pub Date: February 17, 2015



Are you ready to hire yourself?
WHO among us hasn’t had the inkling—or even the outright conviction—that we could be more successful,
more fulfilled, and more satisfied if we could invest in ourselves?
HOW MANY of us have given our time, our knowledge, our energy, and our loyalty to corporate
careers, only to discover that our contributions don’t guarantee gratitude, upward mobility, or
even job security?
Hire Yourself will help you:
• Leverage your expertise and resources to build a bridge out of the corporate world and
into entrepreneurship
• Learn how to choose a franchise concept that’s the right franchise for you
• Understand how to capitalize your investment and minimize your risks
• Recognize and avoid common mistakes and traps
• Know that franchising is all about working for yourself, but not by yourself

Pete Gilfillan

FranChoice Consultant

Pete Gilfillan is a passionate business leader who is driven to help people achieve their dream to be a franchise owner. With over 20 years experience as a corporate executive,…

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