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Heir to the Throne

The New Leader’s Path to Greatness

By: Aaron Baker


Pub Date: December 19, 2017



Owning and managing a thousand-plus-employee company definitely comes with its perks: private jets, multiple vacation homes, and flexibility with your time. But it takes an exceptional leader to climb to those heights. Reaching such a level of leadership is no small feat.

In his book Heir to the Throne: The New Leader’s Path to Greatness, Aaron Baker, CEO of Cannon Safe, details the lessons he learned working his way from bending metal on the factory floor to the very top of a $100-million multinational corporation. Those lessons forged Aaron into a great leader― and now he wants to teach them to you.

By sharing his anecdotes from the front lines of manufacturing, Aaron let’s you live the experiences and learn his life-changing lessons, which are based on Lean manufacturing, a proven system implemented by many successful companies, including Toyota.

In ten engaging chapters, Aaron breaks down the elements needed to be a dynamic leader and offers insight that will take you from sweeping floors to a suite on the top floor. If you feel like you’re starting at the bottom but know you would thrive at the top, this book is your guide to establishing yourself as the heir to that throne.

Aaron Baker

CEO, Cannon Safe

Aaron Baker is the father of five wonderful children including triplet daughters! Aaron grew up in Southern California but now lives in fabulous Las Vegas. He is an Eagle Scout, which…

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