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Hear and Understand

What You Need to Know about Hearing Loss and Hearing AIDS

By: Dr. Eric Frederick


Pub Date: July 6, 2016



Hear AND Understand author Dr. Eric Frederick has one central message―you are in control of your hearing loss. Push past the anxiety, fear, and denial associated with hearing loss to open the floodgates to communication and better full-body health. Dr. Fredrick shares years of audiology experience to provide a comprehensive look at the common challenges and misconceptions of hearing loss, and more importantly, how to overcome its obstacles. Turn the pages of Hear AND Understand, and start turning the corner to a better you.
Inside, you will gain the resources and knowledge to:
• overcome anxiety and shake off the fear of hearing loss
• act quickly to preserve your ability to hear and understand speech
• ask the right questions when purchasing hearing aids
• understand the link between untreated hearing loss and loss of mental function


Dr. Eric Frederick

Audiology Center Northwest LLC

Audiologist Dr. Eric Frederick has invested decades of work in nonprofit hearing clinics; hospitals; ear, nose, and throat surgery offices; and private-practice audiology to aid patients of all ages with…

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