Handling Bad

Inside a Cyber Era Private Investigative Firm

By: Daniel Weiss


Pub Date: September 17, 2015



You wake up and find out that you’re being targeted for blackmail by a “one night stand” you met online, that your child has been abducted by your ex-wife, or that your accountant has been embezzling from you. You don’t know how to solve such problems—or even where to begin. You might even be too embarrassed to seek help. These are the calls Private Investigator Daniel Weiss receives. Handling these predicaments requires skill—skill that combines the classic methods of private investigation with modern, cutting-edge developments in digital forensics. In Handling Bad, Weiss delves into the flourishing digital realm of cyber-based criminal activity, in order to provide examples of threats that may lurk closer to home than you think.

Daniel Weiss

Managing Partner, McCann Investigations

Daniel Weiss, CEO and founding partner of McCann Investigations, LLC, started his 25-year career in the security industry early, working at a maximum-security prison as a graduate student at Northeastern University. Weiss…

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