Getting In By Standing Out

By: Dr. Deborah Bedor


Pub Date: April 13, 2015



The Rules for Admission Have Changed!

Are you worried about that other families of high-achieving children know things you don’t about getting your child into a great college? A best-fit college? An Ivy University or top tier college? An intellectually challenging college? Getting IN by Standing OUT will show you exactly how to discover, develop, and present your authentic high school journey to get noticed by Admissions among the thousands of other student applicants, and get ACCEPTED at your top schools. Getting IN by Standing OUT is the much-heralded, eye-opening guide that students, parents, and high school admission counselors have been waiting for. The book tells you, through personal student stories, peerless advice from Dr. Bedor’s eminent twenty-five year career, and brilliant out-of-the-box steps, exactly what college admissions officers look for today. Dr. Bedor provides a heartwarming, aspirational handbook that coaxes and inspires students to use their high school years to embark on a personal quest, and promote intellectual passions or social causes that are in line with their authentic gifts, strengths and ambitions.

Dr. Deborah Bedor

Coach and Advisor

Dr. Deborah Bedor has been the coach and advisor to Ivy, top tier, and celebrity pre-college students for the past 25 years, guiding them to acceptance into our nation’s finest…

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