Dr. Pfeiffer’s Guide To A Longer Healthier Life

Simple Lifestyle Changes To Set Your Life on The Path To Health And Wellness

By: Dr. Douglas Pfeiffer


Pub Date: December 22, 2014



Learn to Eat Right, Think Right, Move Right, and Sleep Right.

The bad news: An epidemic of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and other lifestyle related conditions threatens both our quality and length of life – not only as individuals, but as a society. Yes, we’re living longer—but we’re not living better. What good are more years of life, if you don’t have the vigor and health to enjoy them? The good news: You can turn it around, by making simple, easy-to-understand lifestyle changes that will bring you greater vitality, sounder sleep, better cognition, and a whole new outlook on life. Dr. Douglas G. Pfeiffer—a respected educator, researcher and award winning Chiropractor for more than thirty years—reveals the “Four Pillars of Health and Wellness” that form the basis of lifelong health and energy. He also spells out the steps you need to take today for the health and happiness you want for a lifetime.

Dr. Douglas Pfeiffer


Dr. Douglas G. Pfeiffer is a chiropractor dedicated to educating his patients and helping individuals lead a life of health and wellness. Dr. Pfeiffer opened his first chiropractic practice after…

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