Designing The Best Work-From-Home YOU

How To Work Remotely (But Not All The Time)

By: Vennessa McConkey


Pub Date: September 29, 2020




When the coronavirus hit the world, workers were flung from organized offices to fend for themselves at home, where kids, spouses, and housework beg for attention twenty-four seven. Learning to find focus amid distractions, or finish work when you live at the office, will be essential to conquer the new work-from-home normal.

In Designing the Best Work-From-Home You, Vennessa McConkey outlines the mistakes best avoided when working and leading from afar. From how to set yourself up for success to how to give yourself a break, she’s here to make sure your WFH environment, well, works!


Vennessa McConkey

Owner and Founder of Vennessa McConkey Coaching and Top Line Resumes LLC

Vennessa McConkey is a wife and mom first. In the business world, she is a Career Coach, owner and founder of Vennessa McConkey Coaching and Top Line Resumes LLC, co-founder of ElevateUp…

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