Cut The Cord

How to Achieve Energy Independence by Joining the Solar-Powered Microgrid Revolution

By: Vincent Battaglia


Pub Date: September 1, 2015



Discover energy independence with your own solar-powered microgrid.

You seek convenience and efficiency in your daily life. You want personalized control, tailored to your needs—but how is energy to keep pace? The answer: solar microgrid technology. There is a bright future is on the horizon for energy independence. The power to control energy can lie in your hands, not those of a large corporation. Solar energy harnesses progress, freedom, ingenuity and a notion of limitless innovation—the things which comprise the very spirit of America. With solar plus storage, take a step towards energy independence, a cleaner tomorrow and a brighter future.

Vincent Battaglia

Founder, CEO & President, Renova Energy Corp

Vincent Battaglia is the Founder, CEO & President of Renova Energy Corp. Vincent has dedicated his life to advancing sustainability in the manmade environment – one rooftop, parking field and ground…

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