3d book cover of control your day

Control Your Day Before It Controls You

The 7 Steps To Mastering Your Time

By: Mark G. Richardson


Pub Date: September 29, 2017



We all have twenty-four hours in a day. How you choose to spend your limited time defi nes your success.
With Control Your Day Before It Controls You, speaker and business advisor Mark G. Richardson walks you through a process with strategies, techniques, and tools to achieve time mastery. This system has been developed and taught to thousands of people over the last 25 years. You’ll learn to:

•Develop a time mind-set
•Work both effectively and efficiently
•Reduce your reactive time
•Find the right cadence in your daily activities
•Follow a time mastery formula for success

By understanding time and practicing the time mastery system, you can gain control of each and every day.


Mark G. Richardson

President, Case Design/Remodeling

Mark G. Richardson is an author, speaker, columnist, and business growth expert. Mark has presented to thousands of business and sales leaders across the country. From construction to health care,…

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