Change The Way You Go To The Dentist

By: Melvin Benson


Pub Date: April 9, 2019



Dr. Benson believes that a healthy smile is one of the most valuable gifts you can give someone. Your dental health is vital to not only your personal wellness, but your overall wellbeing. For this reason, he is committed to serving the Northern Colorado community and beyond through exceptional oral healthcare using a patient centered practice model. All dental offices are not created equal. Dr. Benson knows that both choosing and visiting
the dentist can often be met with high anxiety, fear, and dread. However, for something as important as your health, your experience should be something you look forward to and anticipate.

In Change the Way You Go to the Dentist, Dr. Benson reveals why he has spent years developing a dental practice model centered around his patients and their dental experience. He explains where his passion for dentistry began, and why Integrated Dental is in a category of one regarding patient care, quality of service, and community engagement. You will also
learn how to:

  • Choose your dentist – corporate vs. private
  • Best care for your smile at any age
  • Improve your overall health
  • Reduce your risk for disease
  • Increase your self-confidence

Melvin Benson

Founder and CEO, Integrated Dental

Dr. Melvin Benson Jr. is founder and CEO of Integrated Dental. He is one of the elite 6% of general dentists who have earned the Fellowship Award from the Academy…

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