Change Is Great

Be First

By: Richard M. Batenburg Jr.


Pub Date: January 18, 2016



Is there one key component missing from your company that is preventing it from moving forward? How do you get it, or more importantly―why do you want it? Change is Great…Be First! is specifically for leaders looking for new ways for their employees to get things done efficiently and wow customers at the same time. Author Richard M. Batenburg, Jr. explains how adopting just a few best practices can spark an engaging, rewarding, and empowering business culture that embraces positive change.

Change is Great will help your company improve its:

  • Servant leadership
  • Culture
  • Teamwork
  • Bottom line

For over 15 years, Batenburg and his companies, BATMANN Consulting, Inc. and Clliintel, LLC, have worked directly with organizations of all sizes to provide data that can be used to promote growth and increase profits. He embraces new technology and encourages business leaders to utilize modern techniques, but he also warns of “brute force deployment,” instead suggesting a culture of change.Get ready to partner with your customers to execute and measure the success you both crave. It’s up to you to make the right changes―before your customers find someone new.


Richard M. Batenburg Jr.

CEO, BATMANN Consulting, Inc. and Cliintel, LLC.

Richard Batenburg, Jr. has over 25 years of proven success as an entrepreneur and business owner/operator, managing all aspects of business from strategic and tactical planning through to execution. He…

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