Cash Flow From Day 1

The Ultimate Guide To Getting More From American Real Estate Right From Your Living Room

By: Antoine Gendre


Pub Date: May 24, 2016



Finding the best category in which to invest your money is a tough, perhaps terrifying, decision – but in Cash Flow from Day One, Antoine Gendre puts minds at ease by revealing what is perhaps America’s best-kept investment secret: Section 8 housing. Gendre delves into the pros and cons of Section 8, while offering tips on becoming a dynamic, entrepreneurial, nonemotional investor so as to best launch your career in property management. You can invest in government housing, even with very little resources, to generate astounding returns. Gendre guides you along, covering how to:

  • Choose what real estate to buy
  • Navigate the system
  • Work with Section 8 tenants
  • Manage the financial aspect of your investment

Antoine Gendre

Owner of Ameristargroupe

Antoine Gendre is the owner of Ameristargroupe, a real estate acquisition, development and management company specializing in providing housing to US families and investment solutions to clients worldwide. Originally from…

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