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Building Wealth, Protecting Dreams

Purposeful Strategies To Achieve The Retirement You Deserve

By: Thomas A. Kalejta


Pub Date: October 20, 2017



Success is what you make of it. Life is about preparing for challenges and adjusting to them along the way. As our priorities change, our views broaden and our dreams shift. Retirement planning is no different. In Building Wealth, Protecting Dreams, financial consultant Thomas A. Kalejta shares tools and techniques you can employ to safeguard your family as you grow your investments for the future.

You’ll learn how to:
• set financial goals and priorities
• manage risk appropriately
• leverage tax laws to your advantage
• use credit wisely
• maximize your investments
• and much more

Whether your retirement dream is on a beach, volunteering for a charity, or continuing to work
at what you enjoy, it can be well within reach. After a life of hard work, you’ve earned it and
deserve as much.


Thomas A. Kalejta

Founder, Kalejta Financial Management

Thomas Kalejta is president and founder of Kalejta Financial Management, where he helps clients develop strategies to build their wealth, protect their dreams, and achieve the retirement they deserve. He holds…

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