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Building A Brilliant Tomorrow

The Transformation of Inovateus Solar and the Energy Revolution

By: T.J. Kanczuzewski


Pub Date: March 30, 2017



Just as your power bill continues to rise . . . the sun also rises. Why are we letting a renewable resource that beams down on us each day go to waste? Solar energy is no longer a distant dream of the future. It is a real, viable option for America’s power needs, and T.J. Kanczuzewski of Inovateus Solar is mapping out a path for energy independence for anyone looking for clean, renewable power.

Within this book, T.J. reveals how to:
•Become familiar with the advancements in solar energy.
•Understand how individuals and businesses are becoming independent power producers.
•Gain inspiration to build a company that meets your objectives, goals, and purpose.

Join the success story of an American business that has had an exponential effect on the global energy transformation, and while doing so, discover your independence―discover solar.


T.J. Kanczuzewski

President, Inovateus Solar LLC

TJ Kanczuzewski is a founding member and president of Inovateus Solar LLC and has been with the company since 2007. Driven by the company’s purpose to “build a brilliant tomorrow,”…

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