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Build It, Sell It, Profit

Taking Care of Business Today To Get Top Dollar When You Retire

By: Allen P. Harris


Pub Date: March 16, 2018



Many business owners do not know what they need to do in preparation for selling their business. They think of their exit as something they’ll attend to someday, only to arrive at “someday” and discover that they can’t find any interested buyers and won’t be able to retire when they planned.

Have you as a business owner ever asked yourself any of these questions?

• What should I be doing today to build my business
toward maximum value?
• What is my business worth and how do I find out?
• When I sell my business, will I get enough money to
maintain my lifestyle and take the next step in life?

In Build It, Sell It, Profit, Allen Harris will answer these questions and more so you can see just how important it is to get started on the process of planning for the eventual sale or transfer of your business so you can maximize your profits when the time comes.

Allen P. Harris

Founder, CIO, Berkshire Money Management

Allen Harris, CEPA, is founder, owner, and chief investment officer of Berkshire Money Management (BMM) based in Dalton, Massachusetts, where he helps clients stay on course with their retirement plans,…

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