3D book cover of better body boot camp

Better Body Bootcamp

The Revolutionary Approach For The Body And Life You Deserve

By: Kaiser Serajuddin


Pub Date: October 31, 2017



The time and money it takes to live a lifestyle of fitness is worth it for more than just a beach bod. In BETTER BODY BOOTCAMP: The Revolutionary Fitness Program for the Body and Life You Deserve, Kaiser Serajuddin―founder of Better Body Bootcamp, the premier fitness organization in New York―shows how all these benefits and more truly are within your reach by making fitness an integral part of your lifestyle.

By making fitness a part of your everyday life, you will be able to join others just like yourself on the journey to great health, holding each other accountable and having fun the entire time.

Whether you have a family that you plan to stick around with for a long time to come, or if you’re single and looking to enjoy your independence, you  need a lifestyle of fitness to achieve the lifestyle–and body–you want. You  need Better Body Boot Camp.


Kaiser Serajuddin

Founder, Better Body Bootcamp

Kaiser Serajuddin is the founder of Better Body Bootcamp, one of the fastest growing and most successful fitness companies in the United States. As a personal trainer, he trained some…

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