Be Powerful

Find Your Strength At Any Age

By: Liz Hilliard


Pub Date: December 5, 2016



Change the way you look and feel with Liz Hilliard, creator and owner of Hilliard Studio Method. Using her unique, proven, and unparalleled method, Liz helps women at any stage and any age sculpt strong, healthy, beautiful bodies and minds.

Described as “Pilates on steroids,” HSM is a core-centric, total-body workout fueled by Hilliard’s signature determination, ambition, and energy. She will safely and effectively push you to your edge every time, which is where the change occurs― not only in your body but also your mind.

In Be Powerful, Liz will inspire you to:
* transform weakness to strength and discover your power
* find your physical and mental edge at any age
* get the body you always wanted


Liz Hilliard

Creator, Hilliard Studio Method

A graduate of the highly acclaimed STOTT Pilates International Training Center in Toronto, Canada, Liz Hilliard opened her first studio, Performance Pilates, in 2002 with one goal – to pioneer…

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