Analog Advice in a Digital World

A Baby Boomer's Words of Wisdom for the Millennial Generation

By: Rick Jones


Pub Date: October 26, 2015



You are young, capable, determined, and live in an age fueled with rapid technological advancements. What more do you need besides your own ambition and intellect? Well, Rick Jones has the anecdotal advice pertaining to business that is only learned through years of experience, which he has plenty of—demonstrated by his esteemed client base at FishBait Marketing and his leverage as a renowned public speaker. Analog Advice in a Digital World exposes the many lessons he has learned on his path to business and personal success, and he is passing these lessons along in short form to the young professional in the pursuit of excellence.


Rick Jones

CEO, FishBait Marketing

Rick Jones is founder and CEO of FishBait Marketing and a partner in Nashville-based R&R Bait & Tackle. Rick is a fourth generation Atlantan and a graduate of Georgia Southern…

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