An Entrepreneur Is for All Seasons

By: Dr. Bruce Douglas


Pub Date: October 21, 2015



We all desire to be masters of our own destiny,
to have complete control and freedom
in our lives. As author Dr. Bruce Douglas knows
firsthand, this entrepreneurial attitude can inspire
you to transform your life and the lives of everyone
around you.

As a child, Bruce lived and worked through the
Great Depression, learning some of the most basic
lessons that would eventually lead him to found his
own company. An Entrepreneur Is For ALL Seasons
recounts Bruce’s struggles and life lessons as he
shows you how to develop the skills to create real
change in your business and beyond. To get there,
you must think outside the box, take risks, bypass
the conventional chain of command, and learn
from your failures as much as from your successes.
Through self-reflection, proper guidance, knowledge,
honesty, and effort, it really is possible to
achieve your desires.

Let Bruce’s experiences and advice inspire you as
an entrepreneur and leader to take your skills and
success to new heights.

Dr. Bruce Douglas

CEO, Harvard Development Company

Dr. Bruce Douglas began his entrepreneurial career in 1975 as founder of The Douglas Company, a construction and engineering firm. Years later, he successfully transformed Sterling College during his tenure…

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