3D book cover of the adventure begins when the plan falls apart

Adventure Begins When the Plan Falls Apart

Convert a Crisis Into Company Success

By: Jim Baker


Pub Date: July 28, 2017



Any business owner knows that plans rarely move forward as designed. Priorities shift, opportunities emerge, and obstacles bar the path to progress. Successful leaders take these changes in stride, tackling problems head-on and striking off in a new direction to pilot their companies to new heights.

With The Adventure Begins When the Plan Falls Apart, seasoned CEO and consultant Jim Baker offers the same guidance he’s provided to multiple business owners through his consulting and advisory firm. He shares personal anecdotes from decades of work and provides tips you can use today in your own business. You’ll learn to:

•handle the untimely departure of a business owner
•work with (or part with) a troublesome partner or employee
•assess and improve the value of your company
•discover the “why” behind the business
•build a culture of engagement
•prepare a successful exit strategy

No business is perfect. Difficulties will inevitably arise from time to time. Your job as a business owner is not to simply steer the ship and avoid these obstacles―your job is to prepare for these challenges and turn them into opportunities. The result? Increased company value, a stable business plan, and a happier and more engaged workforce.


Jim Baker

CEO, Sumus Development Group

Jim Baker is CEO of Sumus Development Group, LLC, a consulting and advisory firm dedicated to guiding entrepreneurs and business owners in building the value of their business. He spent…

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