Advantage Media Adds CPO | Evan Schnittman

CHARLESTON, SC (Aug. 23, 2021) – Advantage Media The Authority Marketing™ Company, announced today that Evan Schnittman has joined the company’s executive team as Global Chief Product Officer. 

Schnittman, who most recently served as Vice President of Sales and Business Development for UWorld in Dallas, has a substantial history in the book-publishing business, including overseeing sales and marketing at Hachette Book Group, where his responsibilities included running the James Patterson in-house brand management team.

“Joining Advantage feels like a wonderful homecoming as I will be tapping into my extensive publishing experience, as well as building new technology platforms as I did at UWorld,” Schnittman says. “This dynamic and growing company is a perfect strategic fit for my skills and experience, and I cannot wait to help Advantage exceed all expectations and goals.”

Schnittman is just the latest top executive to join Advantage, as the company continues its expansion. Just recently Dee Kerr was hired as Global Chief Revenue Officer for Advantage, which helps busy business leaders and professionals become the authority in their field through book publishing and marketing.

“I am very pleased to bring in Evan, who has over 30 years of content, technology, and business development experience,” says Adam Witty, CEO and Founder of Advantage. “Advantage has been growing at an explosive clip for the past few years and is now ready for a team of global-minded executives who will help us set strategy, open new markets for expansion, and implement bold and dynamic new products and revenue streams.” 

Schnittman’s move to Advantage comes after he was involved in three years of growth and expansion at the education technology powerhouse, UWorld. Prior to that he founded a marketing technology startup called OptiQly, which he later sold to Ingram Content Group.

In addition to his time in sales and marketing at Hachette Book Group, Schnittman’s experience with publishing companies includes working at Bloomsbury Publishing and at Oxford University Press New York. He also has experience in education, health and science publishing.

About Advantage Media

Advantage Media (, The Authority Marketing™ Company, helps busy business leaders and professionals become the authority in their field through book publishing and marketing.

The company began in 2005 and has helped more than 1,500 CEOs, business leaders and professionals publish a book that helps them establish their authority and grow their business. In 2016, Advantage launched a partnership with Forbes to create ForbesBooks. 


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