Steve Groff

Steve Groff

Farmer, Agricultural Consultant, Speaker

Industry: Health & Wellness

Steve Groff is a leading authority on the use of cover crops, no-till planting, and regenerative agriculture. A third-generation farmer from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Groff has been a frequent speaker and consultant across the United States and Canada and such international destinations as Bulgaria, Hungary, Australia, Romania, Belgium, France, Germany, South Africa, Argentina, Uruguay, and Greece. He designed the first roller-crimper for cover crops in North America; developed the Tillage Radish; started the first company in the world exclusively selling cover crop seed; and was the first commercial vegetable farmer to transplant tomatoes with no-till. Groff has consulted for Wrangler, Stroud Water Research Center, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, Rodale Institute, Penn State University, the University of Maryland and Cornell University.

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