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Rick Pierce & Jim Rowell

Co-Founder and Senior Consultant at Rising Sun Consultants, LLC, CEO and Co-Founder of Rising Sun Consultants, LLC

Industry: Leadership Workplace Culture

Rick Pierce is co-founder and senior consultant for Rising Sun Consultants, LLC, as well as an Associate Professor at the Pennsylvania State University. Rick has extensive leadership experience in both the nonprofit and for-profit fields. He has owned his own small business, served on several major boards, and also served on the senior leadership team for one of the nation’s largest nonprofit organizations. An award-winning teacher and motivational speaker, Rick holds a BS in psychology from Monmouth College, an MS in counseling from the Pennsylvania State University, and a PhD from Texas Tech University in counseling psychology. Rick has over thirty years of professional experience providing psychological and business-based assessments on both an individual and group basis. Rick is a family man with three grown children and lives in central Pennsylvania with his wife, Jayne, of more than thirty-five years.

Jim Rowell is the CEO and co-founder of Rising Sun Consultants, LLC, where he assists clients in building the well-being of their organizational cultures. He worked for more than 25 years in the corporate world as a professional trainer, supervisor and director before turning his knowledge to the world of leadership fitness. Jim works with executives, leaders, supervisors and their teams to increase productivity, retain and recharge team members and processes for the benefit of company stakeholders, and prime their organizations for physical, client, and/or revenue growth. Jim holds a BA in secondary education and mathematics and an MS in education, both from Potsdam State College in New York. Jim lives in central Pennsylvania with his wife, Diane, of more than 25 years and their four children.

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