Pat Williams author headshot

Pat Williams with Mark Atteberry

Co-Founder of the Orlando Magic

Pat Williams, a NBA executive and basketball Hall of Famer, is the author of The Reluctant Leader, along with the celebrated author Mark Atteberry.


Pat Williams, longtime NBA executive and basketball Hall of Famer, is currently engaged in trying to bring Major League Baseball to Orlando. He is the author of well over a hundred books, many of them on the art of leadership. Pat is a highly sought-after motivational speaker, and the father of nineteen children and grandfather to nineteen more.

Mark Atteberry is the award-winning author of twelve books, including The Samson Syndrome and The Solomon Seduction. He lives in Central Florida with his wife, Marilyn.

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The Reluctant Leader

Overcoming The Hesitation That’s Holding You Back

“NO THANKS.” This is the answer countless men and women have given when asked to step up and assume a leadership role. And rarely is it because of a lack of ability. Most often, it’s because of uneasiness about the challenges and difficulties that most leaders face. They know that…

What is Your Authority IQ?