headshot of kris lindahl, author of sold

Kris Lindahl

Founder, The Kris Lindahl Team

Industry: Finance Real Estate

Kris Lindahl is a natural born leader; a true entrepreneur at heart. His innovative thinking has made him a visionary in the real estate industry and gave his team wings to skyrocket to #8 in the nation in 2016 – in just their second year, with over 670 homes sold. In addition to running one of the most successful real estate teams in the country, Kris also has developed an exclusive selling system that is getting his team national recognition, wrote a #1 best selling book SOLD!, he is a renowned speaker with engagements across the country and is a Certified High-Performance Coach with Brendon Burchard. Lindahl is committed to being a continuous learner and giving back by sharing his wealth of knowledge with everyone he encounters.

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