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Josh Mettle

Senior Loan Officer, NMLS 219996, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation

A 12-year veteran of the mortgage business, Josh Mettle is the Senior Loan Officer, NMLS 219996, at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation in Salt Lake City, Utah. The group currently practices in eleven states advising physicians, dentists and PAs on how to prepare and flawlessly purchase their next home. Josh is proud father of Zander and Aria , devoted husband to Hillary and regularly competes in Spartan obstacle races, where he is a perennial top 50 finisher. In his spare time… Josh co-owns and co-manages 100 rental homes and apartment units with his wife and his mother, Cynthia Hale.


"Why Physician Home Loans Fail: How To Avoid The Land Mines for a Flawless Home Purchase" by John Mettle

Why Physician Home Loans Fail

How To Avoid The Land Mines for a Flawless Home Purchase

At last—a no B.S. guide for physicians. Lift the curtains of mortgage banking, discover the real landmines and learn how to make a flawless home purchase. In the post-meltdown world of mortgage banking, physicians face more challenges and have a higher rate of underwriter decline than any other professional client…

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