John Dillard

Founder and President, Big Sky Associates

Industry: Business

John M. Dillard began his career at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). He has dedicated every working hour since to helping organizations, private and public, uncover secrets to stay ahead of future threats― whether those threats are competitive, operational, or security related. His 15-year career in management consulting has benefited everyone from large players like Deloitte Consulting, to smaller companies like the one he cofounded, Big Sky Associates.

His robust experience in consulting extends to many areas, from commercial strategy to government security operations and large scale IT. He has tackled banking administrative flows and analyzed operations at the 9/11 recovery site at New York City’s Ground Zero. Dillard has written for the President’s Daily Brief (PDB), served as a reserve intelligence officer in the US Navy. Not one to succumb to the arrogance inherent to success, he frequently takes out the trash for his own company. Dillard is tough to surprise but easy to keep energized. When he isn’t working on your toughest business challenges, he is busy serving his community as a board member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization. He is also a member of the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), and a workout leader for F3, a fitness and leadership organization. He is a proud South Carolina native and lives with his family in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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