Portrait of Jen coffel and co-author kim Bavilacqua

Jen Coffel and Kim Bavilacqua

Co-founders, Handing Hope

Industry: Health & Wellness

Jen Coffel is co-founder of Handing H.O.P.E. and is responsible for vision, strategy, and national fundraising efforts. Jen obtained her bachelor’s from the University of Illinois at Chicago and has over ten years’ experience in the wellness industry. Jen is an author and speaker. She has been featured and recognized on ABC News and the Chicago Tribune for her work in helping others. Her innovative and down to earth style sets her audience at ease and empowers them to receive her message of wellness.

Kim Bavilacqua is the co-founder of Handing H.O.P.E. With a Bachelors of Social Work, Kim has been teaching wellness for 10 years. As a co-author of the awareness program, The No Toxin Zone, Kim is able to share her passion for helping others to be proactive about their own health through prevention and education. A “master planner,” Kim’s expertise is in organizing and implementing corporate events and wellness workshops.

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