Dr. Douglas Pfeiffer


Industry: Health & Wellness Self Help

Dr. Douglas G. Pfeiffer is a chiropractor dedicated to educating his patients and helping individuals lead a life of health and wellness. Dr. Pfeiffer opened his first chiropractic practice after graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1985. He soon felt a need to provide members of his community with additional ways to live longer, healthier lives. This desire—combined with his own personal experiences with health and illness—inspired Dr. Pfeiffer to open the Center for Nutrition and Wellness in 2007.

This innovative new practice centers on a health and wellness paradigm that focuses on targeted functional nutrition combined with diet and lifestyle adjustments that lead to a more “genetically congruent” way of life. Thousands of patients have benefited from Dr. Pfeiffer’s guidance and care, as he offers a fresh perspective on health and alternative methods of treating conditions that are typically diagnosed as diseases. Through Dr. Pfeiffer’s public speaking events and his Focus Health Seminars and videos, he is on a mission to reach more individuals and share knowledge that will transform and enhance lives.

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